Covid-19 PCR home sample collection kits for delivery within Edinburgh

PCR tests are used to check if someone has Covid-19 at the time the sample is taken. They are considered the most sensitive type of test for detecting an active infection and are highly accurate.

We have a limited number of Covid-19 PCR home sample collection kits with a short expiry date available at a reduced price of £109 each (reduced from £135). These kits must be used by 28th March 2021. They are available for free next-day delivery within the City of Edinburgh local authority area.

The kits are manufactured by Randox Laboratories and are part of the UK Government's national Covid-19 testing programme. They consist of a nasopharyngeal swab (throat and nose) to be taken at home then secured in the triple-layer packaging provided. The package can then be deposited at a drop-box by Murrayfield Stadium. Following despatch to the laboratory for processing, results are emailed to the customer.

The following video shows how to take your sample and package it up:

What to do next:

Once the package is complete, it should be taken to the Randox drop-box located in front of Murrayfield Commercial, 37 Roseburn Street, Murrayfield, Edinburgh EH12 5PE before 5pm Monday-Sunday for next-day delivery to the lab. You will receive an email when your sample has been scanned into the lab to begin testing, and another email will follow with your result. Randox aims to provide results 12-24 hours after samples arrive at the lab.

Click here to purchase your kit for delivery with Edinburgh from our SumUp store.

Important note:

Covid-19 has been shown to have an incubation period of around 5 days, during which a PCR test may not detect the virus. Ltd, 7 Crown Close, Hawick TD9 9EP
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